"A spoon full of fantasy, a pinch of love and a grain of madness"

Acte II - Scène I : Breakfast

You wake up peacefully from your cheerful sleep. Stretching lazily, you remain bundled up in your phantasmagorical dreams inspired by the scenery around you. But still attracted by the idea of extending the Au2 adventure and tasting the hearty breakfasts

You sneak through the ruffled gardens, and reach the veranda where you rub shoulders with a country scene of Velasquez or a Salamander inspired by Gaudi. Then, caught by a melodious serenade, your steps now lead you into the very cozy living room of Magenta, blue and garnet red.

You already feel the little caress of the sweet fumet of hot "home made" pancakes that titillates your taste buds A generous continental buffet awaits you and take a seat around a beautiful elegantly set table.

ACT II - Scene 2 - Dinner at the Guest House Table

Au2, the land of delicacies A relaxed atmosphere and a friendly moment. Here you feel at home ... With friends, family or one-on-one, in sophisticated decors, join a pretty table that vibrates with the flames of candles and candlesticks. We hear joyful shudders from the kitchens, where Sébastien and William apply themselves with passion to frying, simmering, whipping, immersing, cutting, chiseling or even browning. In short, they simply have fun surprising you with simple and generous family recipes, often inspired by their moms.

ACT II - Scene 3 –Celebrate with Bubbles

It's your birthday, you celebrate a happy event of life or you want to live with your loved one a romantic and festive episode.

You can reserve at any time the sparkling tray: "Celebrate with Bubbles " with its bottle of Champagne and its « mignardises ».  

The set, gallantly staged, can be served in your Suite, at the time of your arrival, or on one of the terraces in the Au2 gardens.

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