"The Au2 Guest House opens up like a theater set, where every day displays a new spectacle"

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Throughout the year, the Au2 Guesthouse team offers fun entertainments for all children from 2 to 212 years old! Enchanted parenthesis, out of time, your dreams get the show on the road... The seasons that pass, never cease to amaze us, and are all opportunities for William and Sebastian to amuse you ...

ACT IV - Scene 1 - Spring

The gardens are constantly changing, magical surprises are part of the game, watch the lively spectacle of plants and flowers, it's spring.

Au2, Aude to Lovers,

At the end of winter, at the time of Valentine's Day, when the month of February awakens, the Guesthouse Au2 is in love with romance, lightness and delivers the most beautiful setting to celebrate love.

ACTE IV - Scene 2 - Summer

It's summer at Au2,

The doors and windows open to the summer symphonies, the surrounding nature becomes flirtatious and the fields shine. What an inspiration for our senses! Everyone gets dizzy on their desires for an « elsewhere ». Perfume of a Dolce Farniente, all you need to do is enjoy the sun, lounging and strolling. That's the Good life! Beautiful summer At Au2.

"It is fascinating to see actors hide behind a mask, and thus reveal other sides of themselves"

Tim Burton

ACT IV - Scene 3 - Autumn


At the avenue of Autumn, the leaves of the trees shudder and the spirit of Halloween bewitches the Au2 Guesthouse! Have fun scaring yourself as you wander through the heart of this mesmerizing, joyfully haunted atmosphere. As a couple, with family or friends in the fascinating and exhilarating surrondings of this feast tinged with mysteries and magic

At nightfall, the ghosts of the Au2 Guesthouse take control of the inner courtyard and they have frenzied surprises in store for you than ever.

“I don't make films just for children, I make them for the child who lives in each of us, whether we are 6 or 60 years old…. Curiosity makes us discover new paths ”

Walt Disney

ACT IV - Scene 4 - Winter

Suddenly, here is November, a graceful breeze from the North whitens the horizon, nature snuggles under the caress of winter ... A magical atmosphere wraps the beautiful Red House. It's finally time for the famous Magical Christmas!

The Magical Christmas is floating on the air ! The Christmas spirit sparkles at the Au2 Guesthouse and offers to your striking eyes the magic of the fairyland season. A sensation of celebration, of glitter and delicious scintillations... A warm and cosy winter season atmosphere glistens when the fire crackles in the fireplace and you smell the hot chestnuts and gingerbread. The xmas trees light up and are adorned with a thousand ornaments, the bells chime. Everyone is ready to enjoy the spirit of Christmas, lulled by the tender memories of our childhood, which Bourvil and Bill Crosby sang so well. The Magical scene is revealed day and night, like a beautiful snowball that comes to life. it is a time rich in emotions and unforgettable memories

Don't let Santa’s sleigh run away... Ho Ho Ho « Seeing is not believing but believing is seeing"

The Au2 Guesthouse opens its doors exclusively for New Year's Eve. What could be more exciting than to share a dream and an exceptional stay! Celebrate the New Year as a VIP! Wonderfull surprises take you to a nice journey full of the melodies from a delightfull music box until the stroke of midnight. Enjoy precious memories with your loved ones Be ready for a fantastic stay ! Entertainments, fancy dinners, fireworks, « game of masks », and tchin tchin !

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