Harmony over Au2

This world of sweetness soothes and swaddles you with a joyful grace.

Namaste! You are in the heart of this cocoon of relaxation, and well-being. Your eyes close, your breathing softens and becomes deep. Now is the time to take a break, to recharge, to enjoy the present moment, quietly walking the unusual route of our mindfulness spots

ACT III - Scene 1 - Himalayas Spa

Wearing your Japanese sandals and wrapped in a cozy bathrobe, your expedition begins... Taking the small pathway of the inner garden, the comforting nature observes you ...

The door of the old forge opens... Discover this refuge dedicated to serenity Surrounded by a bluish light, soft and relaxing, you live a calm immersive experience. The mountain peaks soothe you inwardly, a small snowy Nepalese village extracts you from all the hustle and bustle of the modern world. The large hydro-massaging jacuzzi gives you a real muscular relaxation. Time for oneself becomes precious, finally being able to disconnect and refocus...

ACT III - Scene 2 - Massage "Awakening of the Senses"

Enjoy a moment of sweetness of your own, a refreshing journey into an oasis of velvety and refined tranquillity.

You join the cabin, your treatment begins with a private interview with our therapist whose goal is to determine your physical disposition and your emotional state here and now.

Your journey of about 1 hour begins and the benefits are immediately felt. Your well-being is in good hands, your body relaxation is total.

Les services de Modelage “Eveil des sens” ne sont proposés que sur la période Printemps-été et ils sont suspendus de Novembre à Février, pendant la période hivernale.


ACT III - Scene 3 - Meditations

In the heart of a haven of peace, Au2 offers you theatrical parentheses in full harmony with nature ... One lies on a sun lounger or hammock, head in the stars and feet on a cloud.

It's time to savor the countryside and its infinite prettiness Sitting on a bench, your feet firmly anchored on the ground, your mind levitating. . Our meditation texts guide you to a state of total relaxation It's the Dolce Vita! The singing of the meadows, the light breezes, the shade of the beech trees with a thousand reflections, rhythm your steps and your meditations. From the nature that surrounds you, listen to the many birds babbling, chirping, it cackles and then sometimes it frills. Some squeal or coo… And finally, it hoots!

Comfortably curled in a hammock, lulled by a peaceful light, tossed to the sandstones of the wind, quiet, the gaze on the canopy, the spirit escapes for an inner journey with its intimate "me" ...

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